Sunshine Kiki Brown Net Worth, Age, Weight, Dating, Bio, Wiki

Sunshine Kiki Brown is the wife of an American actor, Klein Crawford, and a shoe designer. Despite the marriage of Sunshine from a famous actor, she maintains her low profile and is not famous among the public.

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Born on: December 14, 1980, in Houston, Texas

Sunshine Kiki Brown Age: 38 years

Sunshine Kiki Brown Height: 1.68 meters/5 feet and 6 inches

Weight: 123 Pounds/56kg

Body measurement: 34-29-36.

Shoe size – 6

Nationality: American

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Pure Hazel

Spouse: Clayne Crawford (m. 2004)

Children: Joey Crawford, Abby Brown, Colt Crawford

Sunshine Kiki Brown

Facts of birth, family, and childhood

So far, Sunshine has not shared many of our birth facts with us. But according to her personal profile on social media, she was born and raised in Houston, Texas. The identity of her parents and siblings is also unknown. So far, they seem not to have believed in the past, but they are very focused on their future.

Sunshine Kiki Brown Professional life and career

With regard to the professional life of Sunshine and her career, she designed shoes in the United States. In addition, she kept her career out of reach of the media and the public. Thus, there is little information about her professional life.

Lifetime achievements and awards

Because her career has not given her enough fame, she has not yet received awards and honors. Provided her marriage to a famous actor, should enjoy great popularity among limited people high-level.

Sunshine Kiki Brown Salary and net worth

Sunshine’s salary and net worth are not currently known for trusted domains. On the other hand, her husband must have contributed greatly to his wife. To summarize, you must have a hand full of wealth.

Rumors and controversy

Sunshine lives a stable and certainly quiet life. There are not many rumors about Sunshine and have not been involved in any differences yet.

Sunshine Keke Brown Age, height and weight

The age of Sunshine Keke is 38 years from 2018. Its height is 1.68 meters / 5 feet and 6 inches, weighs 123 pounds / 56 kg. Sunshine is a brunette with a body measurement of 34-29-36. The size of her shoes is 6, her eyes are a black description of body measurement

The beautiful and brilliant sunshine has brown hair. She has fair skin. However, many other details of her body measurement are currently unknown. Her social media photos also indicate that she maintained a good body posture.

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Social media profile

Sunshine has a Facebook account but does not use its social media much. She is far from the public. Moreover, she has very limited friends on her Facebook account.

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